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Lee Day
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United Kingdom
Hi I'm Lee

I am a Camera Operator and I have made a number of short films from music videos and wildlife documentaries.

I am also drawing an anthro art manga series called Novus Orbis. Its about dragons protecting humans against the real monsters
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  • Reading: DxD
  • Playing: Final Fantasy VII
Well lots of things have happened this month.

Yesterday I had my first seizure in three weeks, I have been hit in the head, DxD BorN finished, I had a interview about basically the government wanting to stop my disability benefit, E3 games were very interesting and finally I hit 20,000 page views.  

So firstly the seizure I had was small I still passed out but it didn't last long at all, I still had a headache for the rest of the day but it wasn't that bad. I think this was because I'm finally at the top doses on the drugs i'm taking and there helping, but i'm getting side effects from them tiredness and memory. I find it so hard to remember things like names and stuff my mum has told me to do.

Being hit in the head was to do with sword fighting lessons. It was during a sparing session with the foam swords, I just let my guard down trying to hit my opponent by using a low strike to get his leg but he came down with a heavy hit to the head. I hurt and it even started bleeding, the teacher said I must have gotten a paper cut from the tape thats on the swords.

HighSchool DxD BorN is over now, 12 episodes long. It go a 7/10 from me. It was good but they £@&$ up a bit of it. The anime just never hits me the way the books do. HighSchool DxD has helped me a lot in life, it's silliness its story and characters are what I love about it. But this season of the anime failed on the story aspect BIG TIME. The anime put loads of the story out of order but they did end up straitening it back up at the end. But where the season ended and if there will be another one they better get that one right because it will have one of the most important parts in the whole series to deal with!

Right then the interview was scary and I was glad my mother was there with me. It was a interview about whether i'm still unfit for work and still need a befit. So it was an hour and a half of a woman behind a desk asking me personal questions like a robot. Even stuff like "have you ever felt like doing self harm?"  firstly NO and secondly, what does that have to do with disability, but oh well. The room was white walls a desk and computer and three chairs. I do feel sorry for the women who has to work in there because I was going to go crazy by being in there for about an hour, I would never be able to spend all week in that prison.

Right then E3. there were a lot of games that were announced that look really good and I'm very much hoping for. Here are the ones that caught my attention:

The Last Guardian, Horizon, Halo 5, No Mans Sky and Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE.  

Honestly I can't think of what to right now about E3. Well i'm playing the original FF7 on my PS3 at the moment because seeing the trailer for the remake got me in the mood for it.

I have now got to the 20,000 page views mark and I am going to start the celebration drawing soon. It's going to be my next drawing upload.

thanks for reading. hope you have had a better month than me! 

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